Lava stone massage

Renew your mind, body and spirit

Pamper yourself by indulging in one of our many body massages and treatments to reinvigorate your body and spirit.

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Treat yourself to one of our exquisite body massages

You lead a busy life. It is necessary for you to slow down sometimes and recharge. When it is time to reclaim balance in your life, you can depend on our expert massage specialists to work out the kinks and give you the ultimate relaxation experience.

Body massages and treatments:

  • Swedish massage - $60 - Treat your mind and body to this 1 hour pampering massage given by one of our professional massage specialists. This treatment is designed to melt away your stress, improve your circulation and ease your muscle tension.
  • Deep tissue massage - 1 hour deep tissue - $75 - 1 / 2 hour - $50
  • Hot lava stone massage - $90 - This amazing heated stone and oil treatment is one of our most popular. You will enjoy 80 minutes of deep relaxation as the heat courses through your muscles.
  • Chair massage - $20 - When time is not on your side, take 30 minutes to relax in our massage chair to massage the upper back, shoulders and neck.

Specialty body treatments to restore your soul

Treat your body to a tantalizing experience by indulging in one of our many body treatments. You can improve the appearance of your skin and detoxify your body.

Body treatment services:

  • Body mask treatment - $60 - This treatment will soothe and revitalize your tired skin. Add it to a massage - $30 (30 min)
  • Salt glow - $65 - Invigorate your senses for 60 minutes with our lavish blend of aromatic oils and Dead Sea salts that work together to leave your skin looking fresh and renewed. Add to a massage - $30 (30 min)
  • Body rejuvenator - $100 - Treat yourself to the 1 1 / 2 hour treatment that incorporates the use of clays, algae, ivy extracts and lymphatic drainage to remove toxins and excess fluid from your body. Works to improve cellulite and poor circulation.

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